10 Ways to Fit in a Workout When You’re Short on Time

Between drive time, gym time and shower time, it may feel like you need two hours in your schedule just to fit in a good workout. Not true. By making an effort to stay active during your daily activities, you’d be amazed at what you can squeeze in.

Read on for ten of our top ideas:

1. Break a sweat first thing in the morning. Waking up for a 5 a.m. cycling class may sound like torture, but by setting your morning alarm just 20 minutes earlier, you can get in a quick online video workout. Here are our favorite sites for workouts on the go — from Zumba to CrossFit and more.

2. Rethink how you get to work. Can you park your car a few blocks away and get in a short walk every morning? Take the stairs instead of the elevator? Remember, every step counts.

3. Schedule it. Have a goal to work out three times a week? Block out the time! If you schedule your workouts into your calendar for the week ahead (including drive and shower time), you’ll be much more likely to keep them.

4. Use your lunch break wisely. Have time to take a longer lunch break one day a week? Try one of our urban workout ideas, with popular Northwest walking, running and hiking routes. If you’re short on time, even a quick walk around the block will get you outside and active.

5. Hold walking meetings. Leave your phone and computer behind and take the time to talk it out. Walking meetings are a great way to boost creativity, get fresh air and get your body moving.

6. Hit the stairs. Running (or walking) stairs gets your heart pumping in no time. Follow these tips from Seattle trainer PJ Glassey for indoor stair climbing.

7. Find a bench. Next time you’re walking through your favorite Northwest park, stop at a bench to tone up with this full body bench workout. With a few extra minutes, you can turn your walk into a great workout.

8. Jump it out. Have five minutes and a jump rope? Get in a cardio kick with this five-minute jump rope workout.

9. Plan a healthy happy hour. Working out is much more fun with friends. Next time you have a happy hour booked, try one of these ideas for a healthier happy hour like going for a walk, a run or a bike ride. You’ll catch up with friends and get in the needed exercise.

10. Unwind before bed. Improve your sleep and be kind to your body at the end of the day. Devote five to ten minutes to a stretching or a yoga sequence before you hop into bed.

Jori Saeger

Jori Saeger is a Seattle-based adventure enthusiast. On most weekends you’ll find her running around Green Lake, hiking in the I-90 corridor or exploring small towns by bike. During the week, you’ll find her squeezing in a barre or spin class and whipping up new, healthy recipe creations. You can follow her adventures at <a title="www.jorisaeger.com" href="http://jorisaeger.com/" target="_blank">www.jorisaeger.com</a> or on Instagram at <a title="@jsaeger" href="http://instagram.com/jsaeger" target="_blank">@jsaeger</a>.